Production Scale
Production Scale

We currently operate from a production base that spans one million square meters. This modern facility consists of over 30 workshops and is staffed by more than 6,000 dedicated employees. Each workshop occupies more than 20,000 square meters and is specialized for functions such as mould design and production, billet casting, extrusion, anodizing, electrophoresis coating, powder coating, curtain wall fabrication, as well as the mechanical machining of aluminum profile and finished doors and windows. This degree of specialization has allowed us to form the effective production system for a complete industrial chain. Our annual output capacity for aluminum profiles exceeds 360,000 tons.

At our disposal is an array of 30 smelters. Premium aluminum ingots are utilized for the fabrication of our billets, the largest of which can reach a diameter of 510mm. We have 12 extrusion workshops, outfitted with a total of 95 extrusion presses. These presses offer capacities ranging from 800 to 10,000 tons and allow us to fully satisfy your industrial requirements for aluminum profiles.

State-of-the-art equipment fully guarantees the surface integrity of our environmental-friendly aluminum profiles. We have 10 anodizing lines, of which 6 are vertical and 4 are horizontal. Included is a 14 meter long production line—the longest of its kind in all of Asia. Also at our disposal are 6 vertical and horizontal painting lines. These allow us to provide customers with painted materials with a maximum length of 14 meters.

The aluminum fabrication workshop was designed to combine a multitude of processing techniques including drilling, punching, stamping, milling, taping, welding, assembly, cutting to length, etc. This modern facility ensures both processing precision and diversity.

Our dedicated workshop for doors, windows, and curtain walls spans 20,000 square meters. It has an annual output capacity of 200,000 square meters. On-site installation is available upon request.